We’re doers, thinkers and go-getters. We ask questions, have wide-open minds and know how to listen. We think on our feet, see the big picture, ignore the butterflies and do it anyway. We know how to get back up, make a Plan B (and C) and go get it. We think for ourselves, see the other side and ask the big questions. No matter how long it takes, we try again, do our own thing and make the world a better place. We are Scouts. 

Kilmallie Scouts have been giving our young people the Skills for Life they need to suceed since 1908. Everyone is welcome here, no matter your gender, ability, background or what you look like. Ordinary Young People aged 6 to 25 turn up at our Scout Hall every week and make something extraordinary happen. Supported by a team of experienced, well trained and dedicated volunteers and helpers, they know how to start small but think big.

Making bird feeders from yoghurt pots? No bother. Counting crabs on Caol Beach? Any time. Making friends with International visitors your own age, even though you don’t speak the same language? Easy. Climbing mountains in the Alps? Now that’s what we call a Summer Holiday. Making friendships that will last a lifetime? Every Wednesday night. 

Kilmallie Scouts give the Young People of Kilmallie, Fort William and the surrounding area the oppotunity every week to have the experiences and learn the skills that they maybe can’t in normal life. Through fun and adventures we learn how to be open-minded, do things for ourselves and how to be resiliant. 

Are you in our catchemnt area?  Get in touch to find out what it’s all about. Outside our catchment? Let us help you find your local group. 

Being a Scout

If you think Scouts is all about knots and campfires you’re wrong. Scouts is about fun, adventure and being the best version of yourself you can be. It’s all about Skills for Life, getting up and trying again, seeing it from the other side and thinking for yourself. Find out more and how to get involved…

Ages 6-8

Try new things. Make friends

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Ages 8-10.5

Master new skills, have adventures

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Ages 10.5-14

Explore the world, challenge yourself

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Ages 14-18

Take the lead. Embrace change

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Ages 18-25

Be the best that you can be

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Ages 14+

Share your skills and gain new ones

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