Cubs at Home

Cubs at Home

Well, what a strange month March was! Almost overnight the world dramatically changed, and now we all find ourselves locked up at home, with very little of our normal routines to keep us busy.

We know that for some, this might be a welcome break. Time to catch up with the family and do all those things you always said you would, but never got round to. For others (us included), it’s been an anxiety inducing, stressful waiting game.

One of the things we were most sad about was that Cubs has been put on hold, right as we begin the summer, and get going with the best part of our yearly program. Determined not to be stopped, we have figured out how to do Cubs remotely, using video conferencing to play games, chat and do some activities in our living rooms.

We are grateful to all of you for indulging us, and continuing to lend us your kids on a Wednesday evening. Running Cubs Online is an anchoring point in our week, and gives us something to work towards. Equally, we hope that it is helping you all at home to keep something of a normal routine, and a chance for your kids to socialize and blow off a bit of steam.

We’re still not sure what the future holds for Cubs Online, but we;re excited to figure it out! We’ve already enjoyed to great video conference meet ups, and have something even more exciting planned for next week.

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