Online Scout Manager Explained

What is Online Scout Manager?

Online Scout Manager (OSM) is the system we use to handle all of our admin. It’s our membership database, online payment center, badge recorder, programme planner and much more. 

Once you’ve registered, you will get your own Parent Portal account to log in to. From here, you can update your contact details, see our programme, find out how your child is doing with their badges, pay for Scouts and more. Check out the video for an overview! 

Online Payments

Almost all of the payments you’ll need to make are done online through Online Scout Manager. These are handled by a 3rd party called Go Cardless, who are sponsored by the Royal Bank for Scotland, and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Your payments can be set to be automatic (meaning you never need to worry about paying on time again) or done manually. All payments are protected by the Direct Debit guarantee. Check out the video for more details.

My child has their own email address. Can they get emails too?

Keeping up with Scouts corispondance can be a great way for young people to learn how to use emails. For Scouts age and above, your child can use their personal email address to receive all email updates, and have their own Portal account. This allows them to take ownership of their Scouting experience in a truely 21st century way! 

To register your child’s email address, contact your section leader

Doing Badges At Home Made Easy!

Use your account to find out about all the badges you could earn. Get inspiration for a new activity, or acheive a badge for your hobbies. Check out this video explaining how to use this feature, and how to get earning awards while you’re at home!