We’re committed to running our Group in a safe, fair, and transparent way.

We have a number of policies to ensure our Group is safe, well-run, and a fair environment for our Young People and to empower our Volunteers to run an amazing program of events. As a Group, as well as having our own specific policies, we are governed by the rules of The Scouts, as set out in Policy, Organisation, and Rules (POR). You can find the latest version of POR on The Scouts website, www.scouts.org.uk/por.

Our policies are reviewed regularly Group’s Executive Committee, who look to ensure they are fit for purpose and in line with current best practices.

Our Strategy

Our plan to prepare better futures.

Our Governing Document

We follow the Policy, Organisation, and Rules of The Scout Association. This provides us with our Key Policies, outlines our Fundamentals, and details how our Group is organized and governed, including our Constitution.

Waiting List Policy

If we can’t offer you a place straight away, you will join our waiting list. See how we manage this list and how we decide when to offer you a place here.

Privacy Policy

We take data protection seriously. See how we handle our member’s data in our Privacy Policy here.

Attendance Policy

We are a popular Group with waitings lists in place. In the interest of fairness, we expect members to attend regularly unless there is a good reason why they cannot.

Payment Policy

We do everything we can to keep costs down, but inevitably there are some fees to pay to participate in Scouting. This policy outlines everyone’s responsibilities to ensure fees are paid on time, and that everyone is fairly charged.

Uniform Policy

Scouts have a long history of wearing uniforms. It’s important to us that everyone takes pride in their uniform. This policy outlines our expectations and dress codes.